Marriage Encounter United Methodist

Rocky Mountain / Yellowstone Area

including Colorado, Montana, Utah, Wyoming


Who is Marriage Encounter for?
It is for any couple who desires a richer, fuller marriage. Since every marriage can be improved, even the best marriages can find new meaning and deepened joys through the weekend.
Marriage Encounter is also for clergy couples, to help support marriage. Completion of the weekend counts as 1.5 CEU's (Continuing Education Units). (Engaged Encounter qualifies for 1.1 CEU.)

Is Marriage Encounter for all Faiths?
Yes! Marriage Encounter is an interdenominational program which is conducted within the framework of Christianity. Married couples from any faith expression are welcome to attend any weekend. The faith and beliefs of attending couples are respected and no attempt is made to 'convert' couples to another faith expression.

What happens on an Encounter?
Throughout the Weekend, the couples gather together for a presentation or informal talk by a Lead Couple and a United Methodist Clergy Couple. The purpose of each presentation is to inspire the couples making the Encounter to become aware of their own feelings about various aspects of their marriage.
The second step - expressing these feelings to each other - is achieved through techniques taught during the weekend called dialogue. All dialogue sessions between couples are conducted privately, and away from the group.

What does a Weekend cost?
Marriage Encounter is a non-profit ministry. A tax-deductible, non-refundable reservation fee is required. A confidential contribution is requested at the end of the weekend to pay for room, meal, and administrative expenses associated with the weekend. Marriage Encounter is entirely self-supporting and receives no financial assistance from the church. No one is ever refused the opportunity to attend a Marriage Encounter Weekend because of lack of funds.